David de Haan writes songs, words, makes art and does missions work. People call him an artist. He is an open communicator and is not afraid for new things. He is a christian above all else and has a big heart for people.


I am back in Zwolle (The Netherlands). I am evangelizing and writing at the moment.
I worked in New Zealand as a YWAM missionairy on both the North Island and the South Island. Mainly: Tauranga and Auckland. I was mainly based at Marine Reach New Zealand.
I worked in Japan as a YWAM mssionairy for seven weeks, as a part of the DTS track. I worked in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, assisting the following churches: “Little Ones Missionairy Nihonbashi Church” (Tokyo) and YWAM Osaka’s “Blessing Church International” (Osaka). I also teamed up with YWAM Queenstown and YWAM Tokyo in Tokyo.


“‘David naar Nieuw Zeeland’ Worship Night” project.

‘The Not Yet Graduates’ exhibition, ft. 10 studying visual artists.

Art educational presentation and performace, ft. Joenoes Polnaija and Fiona Kelatow and their theater show ‘DENGAR’.


The Bible Project Classroom: Introduction to the Hebrew Bible. (1 month) I am in possession of a certificate.
UoN Discipleship Training school (DTS) / Discipleship Traning School Field Assignment, DSP 211 / DSP 212 (5 months). I am in possession of a certificate.
ArtEZ allround pre-study course (5 months). I am in possession of a certificate.


LOI course – Italian Language and Vocabulary – B LEVEL.
Still studying.
Studied fulltime at Youth With A Mission, following the DTS course on the Marine Reach base, situated in Tauranga (New Zealand). I minored the Worship track (Stream). During this time I focussed on interpersonal communication, personal reflection, religion (specifically: Christianity and Judaism), songwriting, sound design and recording. Graduated in 2019.
Studied fulltime at ArtEZ University of the Arts, based in Zwolle (The Netherlands), studying “Education within the Visual Arts”. I focussed on philosophy, art history, conceptual research, photography, sound design and art research. Quit in 2019.

I did a fast route within CIBAP, a tradeschool centered around the visual arts based in Zwolle (The Netherlands), and studied two years in one. I focussed on media design, video and photo editing, and spacial design. Quit in 2016.
I did an introduction course at ArtEZ University of the Arts, based in Zwolle (The Netherlands) and got introduced to the many facets within the academy: drawing, painting, sculpting, philosophy and art history, conceptual design, and much more. Graduated in 2016.

I graduated ‘HAVO’ in 2015.


Working parttime as a package delivery driver at Red Je Pakketje. I drive through the eastern side of the country to deliver online goods.

Working parttime as an independant (small) educational instructor for a visual artist based in Zwolle. Through this I teach many sides of the life of a visual artist: from technical standpoints such as material use and visual composition, to vision and reflection. I also teach about finances, selling points, exhibitions and social profiling through social media and a website.
Working parttime at Roscom Promoties (Roscom Promotions) as a Sales and Service consultant for ZIGGO, a big telecom company based in The Netherlands. The skills I develop through this company is consultancy on a personal level, interpersonal communication and technical skills such as repairing technical issues on a software based level and replacing hardware. I work throughout the whole country.
Worked parttime in the catering industry: ‘Flater’ in Ommen and ‘de Rechter’ in Ommen, The Netherlands. Both of them are Grand Cafés. During this time I learned everything to do with the service side of catering, such as: doing tables, cleaning, working at the bar and through these also the financial side of catering work.

Practical information
I have a drivers license.
I am fluent in English and Dutch.
I am skilled in ADOBE, Microsoft Suite and Social Media.
I am an autodidact.
I am flexible.

Everything on this resumé is provided by God, the Father of Jesus Christ.

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